Brambles and Blades

Another Advent, another new story. Black Library has released my newest Eight Lamentations story, “The Tainted Axe” as part of this year’s Advent Calendar.  (more…)


Ring the Bell

William Meikle’s “The Mouth of the Ness: The Loch Ness Monster Vs. Kraken”, the first instalment of 18thWall Productions’ new novella series, Cryptid Clash!, is now available as a Kindle download.  (more…)

Night Falls

The Contest of Night closed last night at midnight, leaving me with a tough decision to make. As ever, the entries were all impressive, and I’ll be sharing some of my favourites on Twitter and Facebook later today. But, this is a contest, and that means there has to be a winner. And that winner is… (more…)


The Contest of Night

I recently got some author’s copies in, and rather than add them all to the pile, I’ve decided it’s contest time again. So, grab your sigmarite shield and throw a saddle over the dread abyssal, it’s time for the Contest of Night. Mortarch of Night, that is. (more…)


The Furious Contest of Gork

I’ve got a new book coming out this week, which means a stack of author copies on my desk and nowhere to put them. So it’s contest time once again. Specifically, ‘The Furious Contest of Gork (or maybe Mork)’. (more…)


Conqueror of the Crawling Contest

The Crawling Contest of Ghur officially closed last night at midnight, leaving me with around fifty entries to pore over. And believe you me, that was no easy thing…they were excellent, each and every one. From Tyler Mengel’s slick-looking Retributors to Amy Snuggs’ wonderful Dread Saurian, each entry displayed such an impressive level of skill (not to mention reminding me just how *bad* I am at painting miniatures…) that I wish I had a few dozen more copies of the book to hand out.

But, alas, I’ve got just the one. So, this morning, I made my choice, based on various highly scientific metrics (i.e. what I thought was cool). And the winner is… (more…)


Ye Olde Yog Sothery

Jonathan Green, editor of Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu, has posted a sneak-peek of the cover over on his blog, and it’s pretty swell. He also talks a bit about what goes into choosing a book cover. Why not go check it out?

Also, if you haven’t seen it, I’m holding a contest, with a signed copy of my newest novel, Skaven Pestilens, up for grabs. I’ve received about thirty entries so far, but there’s plenty of time to get yours in, if you’re interested.