Night Battlers

An entry from my commonplace book to start the week off. This time around, it’s various infernal infants, night battlers and good walkers. (more…)


Zibaldone #17: Low Houses

It’s been a good while since I’ve done one of these. Figured I might as well start back up with another scrap of free writing from my commonplace book. Like the previous two, it’s based on a thing I heard about as a kid, and was written as a warm up for something better. This one was written in…2014? 2015? Something like that. Enjoy, or not, as it pleases you. (more…)

Zibaldone #14: No One Goes There

Today we have another bit of free writing from my commonplace book. Like the last one, it’s a nasty bit of southern fried weirdness, composed as a way of warming up for the day’s writing. It’s more a vignette than a story in and of itself. The old store, and its odd decorations, is a real place, though there’s nothing inside but empty shelves and cobwebs. (more…)