Coming Attractions

Sounds of the Sea

Sharkpunk, the ultimate anthology of killer shark stories from Snow Books and editor Jonathan Green, is now out in audio format, courtesy of Circle of Spears Productions. It’s available as a disc or as a digital download, for your listening pleasure.

Sharkpunk was also recently reviewed by both Black Static Magazine and the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer, with the latter making special mention of my contribution,  “Deep Red Bells”. The story sees Charles St. Cyprian, the Royal Occultist, and his assistant, Ebe Gallowglass, investigating a case of selachimorphic possession in Dorset. Needless to say, things go very badly, very quickly.

And speaking of the Royal Occultist and sharks, Sharkpunk 2 is coming, and a new story. “The Thunder, His Passing” finds St. Cyprian and Gallowglass in Fiji, facing off with a hungry shark god. If that sounds interesting, why not check out the Facebook page?


Grave Shine

Sam Gafford, editor for SARGASSO: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies, has announced the table of contents for the third (and, sadly, final) issue over at his site. Included in the 150 + pages (!) of essays and fiction is my Hodgson-inspired story, “Corpse-Light”.

“Corpse-Light” features the duo of Harley Warren and Randolph Carter, and finds them investigating an abandoned house, overrun by strange, fungal growths, on an island off the coast of Charleston. Warren and Carter have appeared in my work before, in the short stories “The Savage Dreamer” (Innsmouth Magazine, 2011), “The Bells of Northam” (Lovecraft eZine, 2013), “Dead Man’s Tongue” (The Dark Rites of Cthulhu, 2014) and “The Briggs Hill Path” (The Song of the Satyrs, 2014).

And while you’re checking those out, be sure to grab the first two issues of SARGASSO, both of which are still available to purchase, either in paperback, as well as for the Kindle.

Summer’s Ending

Alternative Realities have released a sneak-peek at the cover for Summer’s End, their forthcoming anthology of empire-busting stories. The art is by Marc Ducrow, and the anthology contains stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky, Sarah Cawkwell, and myself, among others.

My contribution, “The Last Song of Iranon”, is a follow-up to my 2014 story, “Mordiggian’s Due”, which appeared in Pulp Mill Press’ Libram MysteriumIt continues the adventures of Amina Algol and her ghoulish siblings in Earth’s Dreamlands. This time, they’re on the hunt for a murderous ‘ghost-eater’ in the lizard-haunted ruins of Sarnath, as he attempts to employ the talents of a mournful ghost to uncover a hidden treasure.

Occult Detective Quarterly

What is an occult detective, I hear you ask?

Well, Occult detective fiction has been around for a good long while, and like ever sub-sub-genre, it’s had its peaks and valleys of popularity. Combining the tropes of detective fiction with that of supernatural fiction (though often it has more of one than the other), the stories generally (though not always) revolve around a central, reoccurring investigator as well as the occasional side-kick or three. Sometimes it’s monsters or ghosts or ghost-monsters or Old Man Ferguson in his ghost-monster costume, but the implication of a supernatural occurrence always looms large in the investigation.

It should be no surprise to regular readers of this site that occult detectives are a subject near and dear to my heart. I love reading about them. I love writing about them too. Hence this post in support of Occult Detective Quarterly – a forthcoming journal of supernatural sleuths and psychic investigators, featuring fiction, articles and reviews from new and established names.


The magazine is currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to finance the first few issues, and I encourage you to go check it out and consider pledging and securing one of the many fantastic rewards on offer. I would mention the ginormous reward where you get issue one of the magazine, plus TEN signed copies of selected works by me, for pledging $113 or more, but it looks like somebody has already snatched that one, so you’ll have to settle for something else.

And, even if you can’t pledge anything, be sure to share the Kickstarter link around far and wide! Every little bit helps.