Bride of the Hound

Halloween is almost here, and that means a new Pulpwork Halloween Special is out. It includes my story, “The Bride of the Hound”, a new Royal Occultist adventure, featuring the return of the abominable Hound of Mons, as well as a few other familiar faces. (more…)


Tigers and Devils

I’m behind on my Patreon announcements. There are two new stories available – one for patrons and one that’s free to read. The former, “The Tiger, At Large”, features Baxter Sarlowe, a character I haven’t written about in some time, and his investigation of a haunted painting by Rousseau.

The second story, “The Devil of Dog-End”, has appeared before, albeit in audio form. This is it’s first time in print, and as such, I’ve made it free to read.

Too, in order to celebrate the season, I’ve decided to post a free Royal Occultist story a week, until Halloween. Starting with “The d’Erlette Configuration”, the stories have appeared before in one form or another, but it’s become something of a tradition to offer a up a bit of a treat for readers. Each of these stories was inspired, in part, by a favourite horror film of mine, from Fiend Without a Face (1958) to Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972). So be sure to check back each week for a new (old) story. And if you feel like checking out some of the patron-only stories, I encourage you to do so.

WIP Wednesday: It’s Fine. This is Fine.

By the end of 2016, I will have written thirty-one novels, twenty-four of which have been published (and three of which never will be). I have three novels commissioned for 2017, with a possible two others to be added to that schedule.

It’s fine. This is fine. I can do this. (more…)

A Treat (or Five) For Halloween

It’s that time of year…the leaves have changed color. The air is crisp and the moon is bright. Noon goes quickly, twilight lingers and midnight stays. That’s right, it’s Halloween, and if you’re a regular around these parts, you know what that means…a free Royal Occultist story to celebrate the season! (more…)