Wednesday Monkey Paw Redux

Just a head’s up–this post is a rerun from an older version of the blog, which, given the subject of a future post, I decided to give an airing to today. Enjoy!  (more…)


Halloween, Contests and Various and Sundries…

It’s Halloween, which means it’s Monster Movie Day. Not that every day isn’t Monster Movie Day, but the thirty-first of October is traditionally the day I break out the classics.  (more…)

‘We Didn’t Come Here to Fight Monsters, We’re Not Equipped For It!’

There’s two days ’til Halloween, and I figured since the reaction to my last post was so positive, I might have a go at one of my other favourites.

The jungle goes quiet. Even the chugging of the engine is muted by the oppressive nature of the place. Dark waters lap at the sides of the boat and the passengers–scientists and crew alike–stare down into the obsidian waters, waiting…but, for what?

Then, a splash… (more…)

‘A New and Terrible Juggernaut of Destruction…’

Since it’s the season, I figured I’d dig up an old body or two; specifically, a little essay I did on Universal’s 1939 picture, Son of Frankenstein for the Frankensteinia-headed Boris Karloff Blogathon several years back, on my old site. If you enjoy it, let me know in the comments and I’ll see about doing a few more horror film essays before Halloween.

I chose Son of… for the simple fact that when most folks talk about Karloff’s turn at the bolts, they focus (and rightly) on James Whale’s initial two contributions–Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935). But, I’m of the opinion that this does a great disservice to both Karloff and the work into creating the creature we came to know and love.  (more…)