Run for the Border

The Executioner # 408: BORDER OFFENSIVE, that is. I’ve mentioned it before, and it’s now available for the spending of monies thereof. Unlike a lot of what I’ve written, it’s a fairly straight-forward action-adventure–no bolters, rune-axes, were-beasts or Webleys in sight. It’s basically an 80’s action film crammed into 180-odd pages.  

The book is packed to the brim with poetry-quoting terrorists, desperate wannabe-gunslinger criminals, one very crazy serial killer, and a singular incident of jaguar-wrestling. Also inter-agency squabbling! Guns! Ladies! Explosions!

It’s exciting, basically. I got heart palpitations just writing it. Though that might have been the caffeine I was mainlining at the time. Regardless, it’s out. And in Kindle format, for all you pixel-stained techno-peasants.