GAMES DAY UK 2012 Schedule

This Sunday I’ll be in Birmingham for Games Day UK 2012.  I’ll be chained to the signing table from 11:00 to 12:30 and then again from 2:00 to 3:00, so, if you’d like me to sign something (like, say, Neferata: Blood of Nagash or the Games Day Black Library 2012 Anthology, for instance) those’re your target windows. 

The rest of the time I’ll likely be wandering the hall, soaking up the atmosphere and looking at all the neat stuff. There’ll be plenty of the latter if last year is any judge. Though I’m no longer as avid a player as I once was (and I was never that avid to begin with–Mammon has never been a boon companion of Joshua M. Reynolds, Esquire and having hobbies costs lucre. I played Rogue Trader with paper chits, people. Uncoloured ones, because markers cost money. ), Games Day still holds a bit of magic for me.

I used to flip through old, dog-eared issues of White Dwarf scrounged from the back of a battered comics long-box way back in the dim days of yore, and look at the pictures of that year’s Games Day and wonder what it’d be like to go and then get a bit depressed. Because, frankly, being a poor kid from Scrape Ore, South Cackalackee, I figured a visit to GD wasn’t in the cards. I mean, we could barely afford the good outlet store when I was a kid, so an international flight and GD tickets were a hazy, crazy dream.

So it’s a big deal, y’know? It’s the primo event on the Games Workshop calendar. Thousands of attendees, lines stretching halfway to Nottingham and the noise… I’m not a fan of people or the noise pollution they generate when in large groups, but still, it’s hard to feel sour when you’re immersed in a sea of folks enjoying themselves. It’s hard to be annoyed when you’re where you dreamed of being as a kid.

I mean, I’ll find a way. But still…like I said, it’s a big deal.

To sum up, I’ll be at the signing table from 11:00 to 12:30 and then from 2:00 to 3:00. So if you want books signed–any books, mind, not just mine; especially Sarah Cawkwell’s. I’m not fussy–that’s the time and the place.



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