The Red Road to Shambhala

Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press presents a new volume in its PULP OBSCURA line. Originally written under the pen name of John Grange by Victor Rousseau Emmanuel, Robert Leslie Bellem, and W. T. Ballard, Jim Anthony was a “half Irish, half Indian, and all-American” adventurer who inherited great wealth and had amazing mental and physical abilities.

And now he returns in a new adventure penned by noted author Joshua Reynolds: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF JIM ANTHONY, SUPER-DETECTIVE VOLUME TWO: RED SHAMBHALA! (more…)

Close, But No Cigar

Editor Ellen Datlow released her full recommendation list for volume seven of her annual Best Horror of the Year anthology. As has happened many, many times in the past, I’m happy to say that I made the list, but came short of making the final cut for the anthology itself. And while it’s a great honor to be on said list, with some of the finest authors writing today, as the title of this post says, close but no cigar.  (more…)