Lost in Translation

The new issue of the Japanese dark fiction magazine, Night Land Quarterly is now available. It includes a translation of my Royal Occultist story, “The Dreaming Dead”, as well as stories by Brian M. Sammons, David Conyers, Konstantine Paradias, Robert E. Howard and William Hope Hodgson. (more…)

Perilous Portmanteau

An all-new Royal Occultist story, “The Fates of Dr. Fell”, will be appearing in Spawn of the Ripper, a forthcoming anthology from April Moon Books–publishers of Ill-Considered Expeditions and Dark Rites of Cthulhu

“The Fates of Dr. Fell” is an homage to the old Hammer/Tigon/Amicus films, especially ‘Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors’, starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. It may, or may not, feature cameos by those two fellows, as well as a certain Mr. Price…

Emby Press Sale

Emby Press, publishers of my novels, The Whitechapel Demon and The Jade Suit of Death, as well as A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests, the anthology of occult detective stories I co-edited, are having a sale today on all titles, including mine. Too, Emby is instituting a new ‘rewards-for-reviews’ program–write a review for any two Emby Press titles and get a free Emby Press ebook of your choice. Check out the Emby Press site for more information.