The Sharkpunk Interview

In the lead up to the release of Sharkpunk, editor Jonathan Green has been interviewing the contributors and yesterday, it was my turn in the hot seat. Why not go check that out, and be sure to read the previous interviews as well. And why not check out the Sharkpunk site while you’re at it? Then maybe visit the Sharkpunk Facebook page and take a moment to follow the Sharkpunk Twitter feed.

Rejoice, For Thy Doom Is Here

The final hour has come around at last. The end of all time, the end of all strife. Celebrate and rejoice, for thy doom is here. The Lord of the End Times has arrived, and soon all will be silence. But, before that moment, a song to sing as the world comes to its predestined end…


And remember, if you have any questions about the book, you can always ask.


So. Here’s the thing. I don’t share my opinions very often. At all, really. I have my reasons, but occasionally, people–readers, fans, friends, vaguely interested parties–ask me to write about something other than myself. I have done so in the past, and I may do so again, in the future, but by and large I’m not interested in it. That said, the question came up again, recently, due to this thing which is making the rounds. Other people have shared their thoughts on it, but someone wrote to me asking why I don’t write about more topical subjects on this blog. So here it is.  (more…)