Zibaldone #5: A Wolf in Salem

Howard Pyle is one of my favorite artists. There’s a palpable energy to his work which resonates through the eyeballs and starts the gears to turning in my head–there’s a story in every brush stroke. I first encountered his work as a kid, which probably helps explain the ever-present frisson it generates in me, but I tend to revisit it when I need a bit of inspiration. (more…)

The Queen’s Conjurer

Shakespeare Vs. Cthulhu¬†has funded! And to celebrate, why not read up on the protagonist of my contribution? Sometimes known as the Queen’s Conjurer, Dr. John Dee is the first incumbent of the offices of the Royal Occultist, as well as being a spy, mathematician, astronomer, and cartographer. To read about his adventures in Elizabethan England and abroad, visit THE ROYAL OCCULTIST site. And be sure to check out the rest of what the site has to offer afterwards–there are free stories and audio adventures as well as plenty of information about the world of the Royal Occultist, including an up-to-date chronology and short story listing.

WIP Wednesday #4: Working for the Weekend

So far this year I’ve written close to 60,000 words. That’d be 15,000 words a week, or thereabouts. Still not enough, of course. Never enough. Projects crowd close, like hungry ghosts. On the other hand, I’ve had two whole days off this month, one of which I spent doing nothing but watching Hawaii Five-O reruns. Good times. (more…)