First and foremost, don’t panic. Secondly, what did I just say? Stop panicking. Take a breath. Now that that’s out of the way, down to business. Over the next few weeks, leading up to 2016, there’re going to be a few changes here and at I’m going to prune some older posts on both sites that are annoying me for indefinable reasons, take some others down temporarily so that I can update them with new info and just generally give both sites a thorough tidying–so if a post or six go missing, or the theme changes that’s what happened. I will also be making an attempt to update both sites semi-regularly, after the holidays, but with less of the ‘hey, this is out-go buy it’ and more of the ‘hey, remember that story I wrote? here’s why I did it that way’ sort of thing.

This ain’t to say that there won’t still be promotional posts, but they’ll be surrounded by a comforting blanket of fluff and drivel, rather than looming like tombstones over the wasteland that is this site normally. I still won’t be discussing much of anything not related to my work and/or interests here-no opining on the state of political discourse at home or abroad, no chewing over the latest genre kerfluffle, skirmish or imbroglio…that’s what my twitter is for. I will, however, concede to occasional cat and/or hobby pictures should the mood take me. Maybe even a few more mixtapes.

Also, probably a lot more posts about occult detectives and monsters.

Anyway, just a heads up, for the three of you who actually pay attention to this thing. Change is a-comin’, hopefully for the better.

Deathless Vendetta

My 2015 Pro Se Press novella, The New Adventures of Jim Anthony, Super-Detective: Red Shambhalais now available as an audiobook from Audible. Narrated by Bob Kern, it’s three hours of adventure, featuring a dead man seeking revenge, hidden treasure, and flesh-eating eagles. Download your copy today! And if you like what you hear, why not check out the Super-Detective’s previous outing, Death’s Head Cloud, available in print, digital and audio form?

Cloud of Death

My 2013 Pro Se Press novella, The New Adventures of Jim Anthony, Super-Detective: The Death’s Head Cloud is now available as an audio book from Audible. Ably read by Bob Kern, it clocks in at three hours and some change of rollicking New Pulp adventure. Download your copy today! And if you like what you hear, why not check out the sequel, Red Shambhala, available for Kindle or in paperback?


April Moon Books has announced that Short Sharp Shocks 4: Spawn of the Ripper is now available for pre-order. Even better, every pre-order will receive a free digital version of the book a full month before the book comes out.

Spawn of the Ripper is a love-letter to the films of Hammer and Amicus, and one I’m quite pleased to be a part of. My story, “The Fates of Dr. Fell”, sees the Royal Occultist match wits with the eponymous Dr. Fell and his deadly deck of tarot cards on a train bound for Penzance.

If that sort of thing interests you, why not pre-order your copy today?

A Treat (or Five) For Halloween

It’s that time of year…the leaves have changed color. The air is crisp and the moon is bright. Noon goes quickly, twilight lingers and midnight stays. That’s right, it’s Halloween, and if you’re a regular around these parts, you know what that means…a free Royal Occultist story to celebrate the season! (more…)

War of the Vigilantes

Just got word today that the second volume of Black Bat Mystery from Airship 27 is now available as an audiobook from Audible. Narrated by Bob Kern, it contains stories by Jim Beard, Aaron Smith, Frank Byrns and myself.  My story, “The Black Bat at Bay!” sees the eponymous vigilante go head-to-head with the Super-Detective himself in a senses-shattering showdown. You can read an excerpt here, if you like.