Terminus Point

So, given that the Old World is fast approaching its terminus point, it behooves me to point out that it is entirely likely that the range of Warhammer Fantasy-related tie-in fiction of all shapes, sizes and lengths, will join it in the apocalyptic fires of the End Times. As in, they’ll go out of print. Which means that if you ain’t got ‘em by now, you won’t be getting them.

Now, it’s possible that this is simple hyperbole on my part, but who knows? Certainly not me, which is why I’m writing this. So why not grab a copy of one of the following books before it’s too late? (more…)

The Daemon of Speed

Who remembers “Master of the Hunt”, my Space Marine Battles audio from last year? Anybody? Bueller? It had a certain brightly-hued cacodaemoniacal biker in it, and the white-armored riders of Chogoris? No? That’s okay. It came and went without so much as a howdy, really.* Anyway, Michael Dodd over at Track of Words reviewed it. (more…)

Vril Review

Recently, reviewer Dave Brzeski was kind enough to take a look at The Vril Agenda, the novel I co-wrote with my good friend/partner-in-crime Derrick Ferguson, for the British Fantasy Society. The Vril Agenda features a team-up between old pulp hero Jim Anthony, Super-Detective and Derrick’s New Pulp action-hero, Dillon, as they join forces to defeat the malign menace of the man known as Sun-Koh(more…)

WIP Wednesday (February Edition)

Another month, another project. That’s how it feels sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good feeling, but man…it’s only February, and my schedule is chock full of interesting things, all demanding my attention. If you’re interested in hearing about that sort of thing, by all means read on. (more…)


Last year, editor (and Steampunk maestro) Jonathan Green contacted me about contributing a story to his anthology, Sharkpunk, coming later this year from Snow Books. Intrigued by the idea of writing something shark-related, I dashed off a story called “Deep Red Bells” which sees the Royal Occultist, Charles St. Cyprian and his assistant, Ebe Gallowglass, confront a ghostly menace at the seaside. Much to my delight, the editor accepted my tale of prehistoric selachiian possession. (more…)

An Ill Considered Expedition

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve sold a short story, “An Incident at the Plateau of Tsang”, to Ill-Considered Expeditions, a forthcoming anthology from April Moon Books (publishers of Dark Rites of Cthulhu).  “An Incident…” is a grim little story, with a singularly horrific protagonist, on an equally horrific journey to the eponymous plateau. I won’t go into the why’s and wherefores of that journey, save to say that it is, like many things I have written of late, Lovecraftian in nature.  (more…)