A Grimoire of Eldritch Investigators: Maybelle Tremens

My guest today is Thomas Deja, writer of “Body of Proof”, featuring Maybelle Tremens, AKA Dreamcatcher. Deja is the author of Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell as well as numerous short stories. You can find out more at http://welcometonocturne.blogspot.co.uk/. (more…)


Today is Manly Wade Wellman’s birthday. I’ve spoken of my regard for Wellman before, so rather than rehash it here, I’ll simply direct you to the post in question. I still mean every word of it. Wellman and his world still have the power to see me through the dark days and rough patches, even after all these years. I regularly re-read the adventures of John Thunstone and wise old Judge Pursuivant. I still like to imagine a man called John, striding along a mountain trail, strumming his silver-stringed guitar.  (more…)


‘Final Assault’. As titles go, it’s appropriate enough, if a bit misleading.

Final Assault will be my fourth (and likely final) contribution to the long-running Executioner series, under the nom de plume (or should that be nom de guerre?) of Don Pendleton.  One boat, two dozen killers, this December. (more…)

A Grimoire of Eldritch Investigators: Vera Van Slyke

My guest today is Tim Prasil, writer of “An Unanchored Man”, featuring Vera Van Slyke. Prasil is the author of Help for the Haunted: A Decade of Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries (also starring Vera Van Slyke). You can find out more at https://timprasil.wordpress.com/. (more…)

A Grimoire of Eldritch Investigators: Vinnie de Soth

My guest today is I.A. Watson, writer of “Vinnie de Soth and the Vampire Definition”, featuring down on his luck occult detective Vinnie de Soth. I.A. Watson is the author of Robin Hood: King of Sherwood and Sir Mumphrey Wilton and the Lost City of Mystery. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies. You can find out more at http://www.chillwater.org.uk/writing/iawatsonhome.htm (more…)