Hot on the heels of Friday’s news, today sees the release of my new novella, “Dante’s Canyon”, the latest in the ‘Third War for Armageddon’ series from Black Library. Thirty thousand words of rip-roaring, engine-revving, rubber-burning Warhammer 40K action, starring everyone’s favorite chapter of superhuman steppes warriors.  (more…)


The End Times are upon us. The Three-Eyed King marches south to war, and the kingdoms of men will fall. The dwarfs are besieged in their mountain holds, and the elves are wracked by a conflict centuries in the making.  Beasts surge forth from the dark forests and daemons caper on the wind.  And the dead…the dead are called to war, by the voice of one even more feared than the Ruinous Powers.

The end of days has begun, and the Undying King has returned to set the world to rights. The Great Work can now begin… (more…)


Black Library has released a number of Quick Reads collections, all based around the various chapters of the Emperor’s finest–the Space Marines. Each collection includes a mixture short stories, novellas and flash fiction. Of particular interest is the Imperial Fists collection, which includes “Remorseless”, a story by me. “Remorseless” was previously released last October as an ebook, as part of the collection, Legion of the Damned.


I should probably mention that I have a new story out.

Had out, I mean. It came out a week or two ago.

I’ve been busy, what can I say?  At any rate, I contributed a short little number called “The Fall of Hive Jensen” to Black Library’s ongoing Sanctus Reach event, joining the ranks of such luminaries as Ben Counter, David Annandale, Cavan Scott and Guy Haley. (more…)


World War Cthulhu, the newest anthology from Dark Regions Press, will be arriving on shelves on August 19th. I happen to have a story in this one. “The Yoth Protocols” is part Cold War thriller and part cosmic horror, with a dash of Edgar Rice Burroughs for seasoning. If you feel like picking up a copy, it’s available from the publisher in a variety of formats, including deluxe hardcover, trade paperback and ebook. Check it out at Dark Regions Press.