The Baddest Man (Un)Alive: The (Unofficial) Arkhan the Black Mixtape

A few days ago, I posted ‘The Nine Tracks of Nagash’, my unofficial End Times mixtape, celebrating the macabre machinations of Mannfred von Carstein, one of the protagonists of The Return of NagashI intended it to be a one off, but people started asking if I had made something similar for the book’s other major character–Arkhan the Black.  Which I had. So, I figured why not share that one as well? As before, this is made up of some of the songs I was listening to when I wrote scenes featuring the character. (more…)

Eldritch Authors

Back in 2013, when Miles Boothe first approached me about the possibility of co-editing an anthology of occult detective stories for Emby Press, I wasn’t sure I was up for it. And to be honest, I’m still not certain. I’m not entirely convinced that I’m one of those rare sorts who can flip gears from writer to editor, and do so effectively. Still, I wanted to give it a try, if only to see if it was something I might enjoy. And I did. Whether I was any good at it…well, that’ll be for you to decide, I suppose. 

The original plan was too put together a 21 to 24 story volume, but the more we read, the more excited we were to include additional stories. So one volume transmogrified into two, and 20-odd authors became 40-odd. 

Miles and I are EXTREMELY excited to present these books and this is exactly the sort of collection we love to read. Putting it together has been an absolute blast.The books will appear in ebook, trade paperback and hardcover editions from Emby Press and details about the anticipated release date will be announced very soon. But for now, congratulations and thank you to the authors listed below. (more…)

The Nine Tracks of Nagash: The (Unofficial) Mannfred von Carstein Mixtape

 Strange as it may sound, I really like Mannfred von Carstein. There’s something about his single-minded megalomania that puts him right up there with Cobra Commander and Megatron in the pantheon of pop culture villainy. He’s not an antihero or a tragic villain, really. There’s tragedy in his past, sure, and he’s capable of courageous acts in the service of his desires, but those things are buried beneath six feet of petty, spite-filled malice.

And, whatever else has happened, whatever else is revealed, the End Times are his fault. He started the countdown to doomsday the minute he set his sights on bringing the Undying King back from beyond the veil of night. And for that, he deserves his own soundtrack, unofficial though it may be. (more…)

Read “The Yoth Protocols” For Free

Dark Regions Press, the publishers of World War Cthulhu, have released a look at the contents in the form of a free story. And that free story happens to be my Cold War-era espionage/hollow earth thriller, “The Yoth Protocols”. I do so love it when editors use my story to promote a book. It means that they have a certain faith in my work’s ability to sell the whole anthology to a potential reader. So, why not prove their faith well-founded and go read “The Yoth Protocols” and then maybe pick up a copy of World War Cthulhu? It’s available from the publisher, as well as and its affiliates, in electronic and trade paperback.


So, there’s been some discussion across the interwebs about what folks ought to read, in order to fully enjoy The Return of Nagash. Seeing as I’m the author, I thought I might make some suggestions. Naturally, many of these suggestions will have also been authored by me, because I just got my royalty statement, and I would like to goose those numbers a bit for next time. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s on my End Times list, shall we?  (more…)