Pythian Rhythms

Granted, I’m not the Pythia, a priestess, or Greek, but you can still ask me questions, if you like. And there are plenty of ways to do so, which don’t involve visiting a gas-spewing chasm, or catching me on my fifth pint at a convention. So, for ease of access, here are some routes the curious and questionable might take, in order to partake of my–ha!–wisdom. (more…)

Leviathan’s Shadow

Another Monday, another new story. Last time, it was a comedy caper with the Old World’s dynamic duo, Gotrek and Felix. This time, we’re travelling to the year 40,000, and the far side of the galaxy with Varro Tigurius, Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter(more…)

Hail to the Queen: The (Unofficial) Neferata Mixtape

So, my recent spate of highly unofficial, in no way endorsed by anyone, End Times inspired mixtapes have apparently been quite popular. I chalk it up to the interest in the End Times as a concept, rather than my…eclectic taste in music, but hey, I’m just happy to be here. Anyway, of late, more than one person has asked me if I had a mixtape for a certain Mortarch of Blood. The answer was, of course, yes. And I figured it was high time to give the Queen of Queens a bit of the spotlight before things…well. It’s called the End Times for a good reason, people. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, yeah?

Of all of the myriad and colorful Warhammer characters I’ve had the chance to write about, Neferata has to be my favorite. I was tremendously lucky to be able to write about her as often as I have done, and I enjoyed every Machiavellian minute of it. WHF has precious few female characters of note, and I’m honored to have been the one chosen to tell Neferata’s story.  And now, I give you the (unofficial) Neferata mixtapeto join those made for Mannfred von Carstein, Arkhan the Black, and Vlad von Carstein.

Hail to the Queen. (more…)

Free Halloween Treat-“The Faceless Fiend”

Giving away free stories is something of a tradition of mine, especially when it comes to the holidays. Last Halloween, for instance, I gave away a little snippet called “The d’Erlette Configuration”, a Royal Occultist story which owed a small tip of the hat to a certain film series. This Halloween, I decided to follow the same format, and pit the Royal Occultist against another favorite movie monster of mine–the murderous, ambulatory brain. (more…)